Dragon with a heartache (shadur) wrote in jihadic,
Dragon with a heartache


From: Shadur t'Kharn <shadur@treshq.jihad.net>
To: VRHQ Central AI Minerva <min@vrhq.jihad.net>,TCSS Ithaca majordomo AI Dan Wood <dwood@ithaca.tres.jihad.net>
Cc: His Supreme Fnordishness <mrfnord@vrhq.jihad.net>

Minerva, Dan: While the both of you are highly valued members of your respective organisations, and no one would deny that you deserve as much R&R as any other entity in the Jihad, I do have to ask you to inform us next time you two decide to crack into the control system of a random Mundanian factory to play a game of Robo-Rally with real 'bots. That way we can get a spin team in place beforehand and cover up or explain away any inconsistencies you leave behind, as well as reimburse damages incurred.

As it is, we had to promise the owners of the General Motors manufacturing plant that our software company will write a completely new and improved control system for their entire plant at no cost. Guess who will be assigned to the task?


Shadur t'Kharn.

P.S. I've been asked to unofficially relay three separate requests if you'll open the next game to non-AI contestants as well.

P.P.S. If you do, save a slot for me, 'k? ^_^
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